Cheese is made from milk, and milk comes from cows. Where's the harm in that? 

Livestock farming is bad for the environment. Cows produce tons of methane, an important greenhouse gas that is hard to get rid of. On top of that, most livestock farming is being by ways of factory farming, with the inherent suffering of the animals.

But cheese tastes so good! For a lot of vegetarians, cheese is the one thing standing in the way of starting to eat vegan. Eating cheese is deeply rooted in our culture and history. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to not think about what we eat and what the consequences are.

However, change is hard. Therefore, we believe in moderation and baby steps. Everyone should decide for themselves what steps are achievable and sustainable. This could be eating plant based for one day a week. Or combining plant based cheeses with dairy cheese on a cheese platter.


For this transition, it's important that there are enough delicious plant based alternatives, so people are actually able to make those (baby) steps. With our products we want to offer an abundant range of alternatives for those delicious cheeses to choose from.