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We are known for our high quality plant based cheeses, natural flavours and great texture

Below you find a selection of our products. For restaurants and hotels we offer an additional range dairy alternatives like crème fraîche, mascarpone, cream, butter and cheese sauce suited for a wide array of menus. ​If you're interested to know more, please contact us at 0031(0)6 54923161 or ​. 

We apply the craft of fermentation and culturing on making plant based cheeses. It turns out the famous penicillium roqueforti loves cashew nuts as well, resulting in delicious, sharp and tangy flavours full of cheesy umami. 

For our other cheeses, we also try to stay as close to the traditional craft as possible, using only natural ingredients and flavourings; i.e. for our smokey cheese we use hickory wood chips and for our pesto cream cheese we use fresh basil. 

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Our award winning
blue veined cheese

Our award winning blue veined cheese is made with the same cultures as used in dairy based blue cheeses. By adding Penicillium roqueforti this cheese gets its characteristic, punchy flavour rich in umami. After the cultures have developed, we let the cheese ripen for another two months to develop even more complex flavours.


Furthermore, the rich and fatty flavours of the base ingredient cashew nuts pairs really well with the salty sharp flavour of the roqueforti culture. 


Hickory smoked cheese

Our hickory smoked cheese is not for the faint hearted. This cheese packs a punch having been smoked over hickory wood chips in our special smoke oven. The smokey flavour contrasts well with the creamy characteristics of the main ingredient, cashew nuts.

This cheese is ripened for 3weeks, to firm up and let the flavours develop even further. 

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Garlic pepper cheese

Our garlic pepper cheese, is a fresh and creamy semi-firm cheese, coated with dried herbs. The combination of parsley, garlic, lemon zest and black pepper, gives it it's zesty, punchy flavour, which combines well with the creamy flavour of the main ingredient, cashew nuts.


This cheese is ripened for 3weeks, to firm up and let the flavours develop even further. 

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Vegan cheese fondue

Our creamy, cheesy fondue pairs well with some bread and your favourite vegetables. We have convinced many fondue lovers with this plant based version. Share it with your friends, or impress you lover on date night. 

Our fondue has that typical cheesy flavour due to fermentation. The cashew nuts give it a silky, smooth texture. 


Parmesan cheese

This firm cheese, with a sharp fermented flavor works well when topped on pasta's, pizza and salads. Furthermore, it goes well on a cheese platter accompanied with a nice glass of red vino. 

Our parmesan is fermented for four weeks, based on wheat and rice. 

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Pesto cream cheese

This silky smooth spread is both fresh as it is creamy, based on fermented cashew nuts. The cream cheese is topped with a bright green pesto made with fresh fragrant basil, olive oil and nuts.